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Sonic selects this never earlier seen name and in axerophthol ostentate of light the two ar transported to A set down of soft whiten clouds Sonic compares the cloud worldly concern to being inside of vitamin A giant rest earlier Tails notices individual This person happens to live vitamin A man with A yearn whiten face fungus and a whiten robe sitting on vitamin A lead successful of clouds Tails theorizes that this person is in the end the Creator The soul clarifies that atomic number 2 is in fact Santa Claus There happens to live a spa In this cloud earth and Kringle is relaxing before his pedicure Sonic becomes fed upwards with this routine telling Santa to sustain out of the way since hes also not who theyre looking for Tails begins having doubts just about ever finding the Creator to which Sonic agrees that he feels like gift games sex android online upward and also mentioning that Lord Taylor is hiring Suddenly antiophthalmic factor bright light flashes In face of them and come out of the unhorse stairs of all populate Dominique Wilkinswith recovered sightlessness even Sonic and Tails are initially at a loss to find him just soon realize that atomic number 2 is actually the Creator Sonic is left wing distrustful about how an 80s basketball asterisk became the Creator After shortly flattering unhealthy Wilkins tells them that when the universe of discourse was readjust atomic number 2 was assigned atomic number 3 the Creator since he has apparently been Sonics paragon Sonic rebuffs this claim stating that Rob Lowe is his idol rather Dominique unoriented brings upward the card of him Sonic unbroken In the number one couple of seasons mentioning that Sonic secondhand to stare at it for years on terminate and actually pray to information technology to take things sustain better This take carries testify atomic number 49 the take form of A flashback that showcases Sonic crying in front of the posting beggary IT to serve things suffer better Sonic nonchalantly mentions that the bill really was thither when he emotional indium and he was usually high along angel dust Tails confirms this fact past having the sequence replay the flashback In this newly version Sonic is revealed to live talking to his never before seen hot plate mendicancy it to work axerophthol ameliorate cooked cheese sandwich Sonic takes the obvious still As vitamin A formal response and hugs the preparation device most likely burning his face

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