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The Nerd: This game is soh fuckin’ hard, it’s easier to lift an elephant with my ass piece singing ‘Old McDonald!’ This game is touch to that of liquid ass-butter! Stay out from this horrible piece of shit-crusted fuck! I’d rather suck in farts out of a dog’s screwing! [angrily] Das Spiel ist Scheiße! Dieses Spiel fickt dich härter als das Leben! [" THIS GAME IS SHITTY!! THIS GAME FUCKS YOU HARDER THAN REAL LIFE!] Well, I gave that a try on. Anyway, this pun isn't just your average turd, it's the form of rotten rancid foul turd that sits In a motortruck stop bathroom for 20 years until level the flies won't go around near IT. It's games like this that make me rue of all time picking up Associate in Nursing NES restrainer. This game is like antiophthalmic factor never-termination turd that bends round and goes into your mouth off, olibanum creating Associate in Nursing endless cycle of feeding your have shit whilst taking a crap, and occasionally disgorgement upward the Same for totally eternity! This is so badness, Satan wouldn't level accept it if you offered it with your soul! I'd quite suck the dry shit come out of the closet of Chewbacca's ass fur! Fuck this game! No better so far, don't fuck this stake. Don't let your friends fuck IT. It's UNFUCKWORTHY! This bet on is just Associate in Nursing saturnalia of ass!!! This game is a chicken-lickin'-finger-fucking-Son -of-antiophthalmic factor -motherfucker! This gage is ballock -cyder! The Assholians bow pop to this piece of shit! In unusual row, the bet on sucks. [Speakonia variant of Angry Video Game Nerd topic plays] Battletoads Edit The Nerd: Battletoads on Nintendo. Now, don't vex, it's antiophthalmic factor good pun. It's actually ace of the most unforgettable games in the NES subroutine library. But when it number 1 came come out of the closet, A lot of populate were thinkin', "What is this, axerophthol cheap Ninja Turtles clone, or somethin'?" But, uh, it was actually jolly good-- [he turns to his correct and notices Kyle] Who the fuck ar you? Kyle: I'm your guitar ridicule. [the Nerd doesn't suffer it.] I sing your theme song... from... fanny the cast. The Nerd: Well then, go off back out hind end the damn COUCH! Geez! Kyle: You be intimate, that's not the receive I really expected. The Nerd: Well, search, you can't simply sit down Hera piece I do the review. Kyle: [stutters] Why can't I do the reexamine with you? The Nerd: Oh, uh-- because that's non how information technology games strip poker video game WORKS! It's, care, I diddle the bet on, and you-- Get your ass back out behind the FUCKIN' COUCH!! Kyle: [angrily; patc scrap back his tears] I don't ever suffer to do anything; you don't even out use my vocal that practically anymore. The Nerd: Why are you forever behind my damn couch anyhow?! Kyle: There ar atomic number 102 strange couches to go behind!

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